Our Story

Strong Girls, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was developed from a drive to eliminate poverty, particularly for women in Miami-Dade County where the poverty rates are higher than the National and State averages. The co-founders, Virginia Akar and Doris Maya, both attended Miami-Dade County public schools and went on to become first generation college graduates. Both felt compelled to ensure that all girls have the opportunities to achieve as they did. Virginia and Doris were fortunate to have access to resources, including high-achieving peers, successful role models and family and community support. Significantly, they were not isolated among the poor as many girls are today, particularly in schools where 99% of students are living in poverty. Our program is intended to disrupt that isolation bringing into the picture access to resources traditionally reserved for the wealthy such as academic support and a steady presence of high achieving peers and role models. Our research-based after school curriculum will focus on social and emotional learning to help young girls navigate the many social obstacles that challenge all girls growing up in our community today. Without resources and support, these girls stand to repeat the cycle of poverty, regardless of the best intentions.

Our Mission


To eliminate obstacles to higher education that begin in early childhood for girls in underserved communities because we believe that education is a key factor in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Our Vision


To embolden ALL girls to succeed in school.