Strong Girls, Inc. will begin programming in the Fall of 2018 at Beacon College Prep in Opa Locka.  Our first class of 30 third grade girls will meet in groups of 15 twice weekly to begin our comprehensive program that includes a research-based skill building curriculum in social and emotional learning.  In tandem with the curriculum, girls will be introduced to student mentors who will provide academic support in all areas, including English language.  Throughout the program, girls will also meet periodically with diverse women role models who will introduce them to a variety of cultural activities and learning excursions.

The program will continue with the girls through 12th grade to provide a consistent, positive presence on their journey through elementary school, middle school and high school.  As girls enter higher grades, the curriculum and program grows and evolves with them to provide the tools and resources to keep them on course for higher learning and employable skills as they navigate the social and emotional challenges of adolescence and teenage years.